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Paperback, 320 pages, illustrated with cartoons, colour diagrams and colour photographs. Learn successful dog agility or improve your skills with a World Championship trainer - handlers at all levels of experience from those just beginning to those already at the top will be inspired! Dawn believes in teaching your dog that you are his best friend, rewarding him for each success and that, above all, agility must be fun for you both. She explains how to direct - without suppressing - a dog's enthusiasm, thus motivating him to use his own natural power and speed. Her unique style of handling gives the dog clear, early and reliable information, so that he always knows what is coming next and has the confidence to run at top speed. Each manoeuvre is explained in detail in friendly terms and the text is copiously illustrated with diagrams, plus photos of dogs in action.

Knowledge Equals Speed - Collect at FAB *Free P&P*

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