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To Run Or Not To Run!

The long-awaited To Run Or Not To Run! reveals everything you need to know about contacts!  Maybe you want breath-taking running contacts with a method that is rewarding and exciting for you and your dog to journey on together? Or maybe you want amazingly quick, accurate and highly competitive stopped contacts? Look no further...To Run Or Not To Run! reveals all. 

Packed with coloured pictures and diagrams to aid easy understanding

FREE access to the book's online support group for additional help and live feedback 

Step-by-step instructions for you and your dog to work through at your own pace

Exciting, fun to teach methods which have been tried, tested and loved by a huge range of breeds

Book Review 

Please click here to read a review of To Run Or Not To Run! by Thelma Wigginton



Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give such
warm praise and positive feedback for 'To Run Or Not To Run'!...


My run or stop book arrived a few days ago and I am loving it- I always question the theory behind repetition based training but really enjoying the clear cut running contact training in this book. - Alexa 

I like the fact that I can do the foundation work inside and then progress to the equipment.  You have included a powerhouse of information in your book and I want to take the time to appreciate all the great information you have included. - Margaret Barton 

I have to confess ... Just getting started reading the new book and I have to tell you it is FABULOUS!! OMG Dawn ... SO WELL DONE!  You are an amazing writer!!

Loving the book so far and look forward to taking a look at the Facebook group. Thanks for putting it together. – Becky Harris

I received my copy of To Run or Not to Run in just a week. Thanks so much for sending it out so quickly. It looks very thorough and I'm excited to get to work with my puppy and also some touch up with my older dog. I look forward to getting more insight into the process [from the Facebook Group]. – Cassie Schmidt

I got it today. Its fantastic. The pictures are awesome. Going to start my baby girl Star on it and restart Spirit I have a friend with a ridgeback that will be doing it also. Thanks Dawn for this wonderful book – Betty Hinson

I have purchased your Contacts book and I love it!... Your diagram in the book of the running AF foot fall was most useful!  I think we still need further work on our AF so I’m looking forwards to posting on your FB page!...Just wanted to say, I love the book, you may have almost convinced me to stick with running only! - Louise McCulloch

Would very much like to be added to the Running Contacts group/blog…Love the book by the way! – Julia

I bought your book a few weeks ago and am really enjoying reading it. – Helen Murphy

Really enjoying the book so far! Thanks! - Elizabethanne Stevens

Our 3 Year old Flat Coat has had stop contacts since day one - but we really struggle with motivation with him anyway so then we had early release contacts to try and get him running a bit more which resulted in lots of almosts!!! We started using Dawn's book and did some mat work with him approx 5-6 weeks ago. Since then as long as i trust him and let him run without worrying and trying to slow him down - he is getting his dog walk every time without fail!!!!! – Hayley Laches

I'm loving this secret group already! Just got my copy and haven’t put it down all day – Lindsay Elvidge

Flint is seen here brushing up on the theory of his new method before trying the practical!

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