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Team GB

IFCS World Agility Championships
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The IFCS (International Federation of Cynological Sports) is an international organisation who run annual World Agility Championships with the top dogs and handlers from across the world competing at the highest level.

Dawn Weaver is the manager of Team GB and FAB Agility hold the UK's IFCS membership, as such Dawn is approved to host qualifiers and send a national team for Great Britain each year.


We're lucky in the UK that there are a number of international events and national teams such as the WAOs (World Agility Open), and FCI (Federation Cynologique International) giving a variety of opportunities for competitors to represent their country and compete at the top of the sport.

So why choose IFCS?  

  • IFCS is unique in that all team members compete in all individual classes meaning a minimum of 6 runs across 4 days (plus a chance of a team individual and/or relay run).

  • 5 jump heights including a toy class for dogs 30cm and under.

  • Classes include the challenge of Gamblers and Snooker as well as standard Agility and Jumping.

  • Medals are awarded for individual classes, as well as Bi-Athlon and All Around

  • In 2023, Team GB topped the medal table with a total of 21, and numerous top 10 places 


The following classes are held at the World Championships:

  • Agility

  • Jumping

  • Gamblers: The handler chooses obstacles during the opening period and completes a gamble sequence set by the judge in the closing. To gain the gamble the handler must stay behind a designated line whilst the dog completes the closing sequence.

  • Snooker: Obstacles are marked as red or colour. During the opening handlers choose a sequence of obstacles in the order of red-colour-red - colour - red-colour, in the closing they must complete the numbered coloured obstacles 2 to 7 as set by the judge.

  • Biathlon: Combined results from an additional Agility and Jumping class.

  • Team Triathlon*: A combination of an individual Agility and individual Jumping class, plus a 3 Dog Team Relay class.


There are 5 height categories at the World Championships. These are fairly similar to standard Kennel Club height categories with the exception of an additional Toy height for dogs 30cm and under, and the height cut-off for dogs jumping 40cm is 42cm or lower (rather than 43cm or lower at KC).  

IFCS Category
KC Equivalent
Dog's Height
Jump Height




50cm or less



42cm or less



350cm or less



30cm or less


* This means dogs measuring between 42 and 50cm will jump at 50cm at IFCS.


  • Manager: Dawn Weaver

  • Assistant Manager: Dave Russell

  • Senior Support Officer: Ceri Jones

  • On-Site Championships Liason: Chris Reading

IFCS Heights

For more information on the IFCS and World Agility Championships visit: 

Qualifiers & Selection



Qualifiers are held  at both FAB and 'Approved' (non-FAB) shows throughout the season with handlers competing for an invitation to the Team GB Selection Day in November. 

The final team is chosen from those attending the Selection Day.


Qualifiers are open to all dogs and handlers G2 - G7. Anyone can enter whether you wish to be considered for the team or not. Courses are challenging and of a style and level that you will find at the World Championships. Qualifiers may include Agility, Jumping, Gamblers, and Snooker classes. Classes will be judged under KC rules (but are 'special' classes and do not count toward KC Grade Progression).  Not all course types will be at every show - please check individual show schedules for details. Please note that whilst junior handlers can enter qualifiers to gain experience and enjoy the courses, the minimum age for Team GB members is 16 years old.

Full details of the new IFCS height categories can be viewed here.

There are two routes to qualify for an automatic invitation to the Team GB Selection Day::

  1. Points league winners (via FAB Agility shows)

  2. Wild card winners 

Additional invitations will also be issued to dogs and handlers who've sought to qualify via either of these routes as outlined below. 

1. POINTS (via FAB Agility shows)

Points are awarded through qualifying classes held at every FAB Show. At the end of the season (30th September) the top dog and handler in each official IFCS height will receive an automatic invitation to the Team GB Selection Day.

Others who've sought to qualify via this route may also be invited to the Selection Day based on a combination of the following:

  • competed in a minimum of six IFCS Qualifier classes at FAB shows  (irrespective of whether the run was clear)*. This can be achieved by attending just 2 weekend shows.

  • total accumulative points earned

  • appropriate skills

  • speed and accuracy

*To ensure our FAB judges and their family are not negatively impacted by relinquishing the opportunity to run in Qualifiers on the day they judge, the number of classes they could have entered will be included in their minimum number requirement of 6.  The Team GB management will also take into account that they were unable to compete and earn points in these classes when invites to the Selection day are issued.

Points are awarded as per the table below: 

Awarding of points in Team GB IFCS Qualifier Classes:

Clear Round
Round with 5 faults
18 points
9 points
15 points
7.5 points
12 points
6 points
10 points
5 points
8 points
4 points
6 points
3 points
5 points
2.5 points
4 points
2 points
3 points
1.5 points
2 points
1 point
1 point

In addition:

  • There will be no points allocated to runs outside of the course time (time faults) regardless of placing.

  • Points are allocated to at least 20% of entries, or to 3rd place, whichever is higher.

2. WILD CARDS (via 'Approved' non-FAB shows)

Wild card IFCS qualifier classes will be held at the following  'Approved' (non-FAB) shows throughout the season:

  • Lincoln Agility Show, 26th - 28th April, DN15 9UF

  • Lincoln Agility Show, 16th - 18th August, DN15 9UF

Providing the run was clear, and within the course time, the winner of each IFCS Qualifier class in each height at these shows will receive an automatic invitation to the Team GB Selection Day.

Others who've sought to qualify via this route may also be invited to the Selection Day based on a combination of the following:

  • appropriate skills

  • speed and accuracy

  • competed in a minimum of one IFCS Qualifier class at an 'Approved' (non-FAB) show.

These qualifiers make the qualification process more accessible to handlers and dogs across the UK.



Why is the criteria slightly different for FAB Shows and Approved (non-FAB) Shows?

FAB Shows – (Points): qualifiers are held at every FAB show throughout the season, therefore those able to attend these shows in the South West have many opportunities to enter and earn points

 Approved (non FAB) Shows – (Wild Card) – these shows are very limited in number and so it's not possible to earn and accumulate points

What is taken into consideration for INVITATIONS  to the Selection Day?

​As team members compete in all  individual classes at the World Championships team management are looking for a final team that consists of dogs and handlers with a variety of skills. Therefore the following will all be taken into account when issuing invitations to those who did not win an automatic invite to the Selection Day:

  • Competed in a minimum of 6 Qualifier classes at FAB shows (regardless of whether the run was clear), or at least one Qualifier class held at 'Approved' (non-FAB) shows.

  • Speed and accuracy

  • Handling skills (including distance handling and tactical strategy for Gamblers and Snooker)

  • Consistency and overall performance (including accumulated league points / top scoring dogs)

  • Handlers who demonstrate team spirit, being supportive of fellow competitors

  • Handlers who value their dog's welfare and enjoyment of the sport


The selection day for Team GB for the 2025 IFCS World Championships will take place in November 2024. Selection day Invites will be sent out via email in October 2024.

The day will consist of a number of speed and skills tests. Final selection to the team will take into account performance on the day, as well as performance at qualifiers throughout the year. Those successful in securing a place on the team will be notified via email, but all those attending the day will receive feedback from Team Management.

The date and location of the 2025 championships is yet to be confirmed.

TEAM GB 2024




The 2024 Championships will be held in Bourgbarre, France on 30th April to 5th May.


Amy Bennett & Neva

Dave Russell & Vudu

Grace Williams & Ivy

Helen Roberts & Popsie


Abigail Doxford & Missfit

Babs Foster & Spry

Dawn Weaver & Chipmunk

Louise Godwin & Drift

Martin Tait & Tatty

Nicole Shaw & Bounce

Sid Gates & Dex

Tracy Allen & Magic


Alison Rowlands & Rolo

Babs Foster & Mach

Claire Chappell & Link

Mariann Bayliss & Betty

Rebecca Foster & Bindy

Sally Ann-Hunt & Sol



Cassie Bond & Boo

Dan Millwood & Time

Dawn Weaver & Yahtzee

Lindsey Spring & Bam

Mark Den Dunnen & Skadi

Sarah Crouch & Fire

Toni Smith & Febe


Ceri Jones & Turvyr

Lucie Hinchley & Tali

Sarah Williams & Edward

Stuart Doughty & Riggs

Sue Dennison & Chocs


Eleanor Balchin & Tengu

Nichola Aitchison & Looney

Ande Smith & Jonty

Dawn Weaver & Vegas

Tracy Ryan & Thorn

2025 Points Leagues

IFCS WAC 2023 500 Biathlon Agility-20230802-©Graham G Parker-00562.jpg

The points leagues for those competing in IFCS Team GB Qualifiers will be shown here once the competing season starts at the first FAB show in May.

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