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Knowledge Equals Speed!

Dawn explained, "I decided that this should be the title of my book when it was brought to my attention that I keep on saying it during training. I have long believed that if the handler tells the dog early enough where he wants the dog to go next, then the dog has all the knowledge he needs to keep the power on. If you watch a good handler run a course, it looks not only smooth but also as if the dog already knows the course. A dog can run confidently and smoothly if he has the information he needs in advance. My aim is to provide a handling system for my dog which ensures that the correct decision is obvious... knowledge equals speed!"

Packed with coloured pictures and diagrams to aid easy understanding

Learn how Dawn creates channelled drive and speed in all of her dogs, regardless of their breed

Explore Dawn's techniques for ensuring all of her handling manoeuvres are honest and accurate for the

Inspiration for all, whether it's new handlers, or those looking to improve their skills at the very top

Book Review 

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Despite being published back in 2009, Knowledge Equals Speed!
has remained as popular as ever. Here are a selection of comments
from those who have been inspired...


Just wanted to say how great your books are. I decided to start setting me and P. achievable training challenges and thus, predictably, the snake was our 1st. Obviously after one session it's not mastered but I just love the way you clearly outline how to start, manage progression and trouble shoot exactly what 'the dog' is likely to do as well as the human! Dani


I wanted to give you an update on the training with directional’s that I’m doing with Meg. We had great results with them this last weekend at a four day trial. We not only used them on jumps, but I used them with tunnels and the chutes. I’m very pleased with what I’m seeing and I’m wondering why I didn’t see this before. The increase in speed through the course is amazing. Meg knows before she turns over a jump and thru tunnels and chutes where she is going next. Thank you so much for your help and I’m learning a lot from your book.  Looking forward to learning more in your book!
Thank you again, Jim Bryson
Just wanted to say thank you so much for your 3-2-1 wait technique in your book - it's fantastic! I have taught my previous dogs the traditional wait and never had a problem but having read your book I decided to try your 3-2-1 with my new rescue spriger - oh my goodness what a difference! I've never seen a dog learn a wait so quickly and so keenly - he knows exactly what I want from him and what to expect. I can now, having only been training him for a short time, run away up a line of jumps while he sits keenly waiting for his "Go" - ears forward, eager. He understands it completely and has no doubt about what is expected and he so enjoys it. Thank you for a fab method.
Hannah Lyon
Your book arrived yesterday and it's brilliant. There are some answers to problems I have with my Papillion, Gibbs, in the very first chapter, so training on Saturday will see him in a cage, not dragged around the field whist I put up jumps etc! Poor Gibbs, I have been getting it so wrong with him, it's a wonder he does anything at all! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with such a hopeless case as myself and I can't wait to move on through the chapters helping Gibbs all the way.
Terri Mellow
I just wanted to say thanks for writing such an incredible book! I have really enjoyed reading Knowledge Equals Speed and I can see the improvements in my dogs' speed and motivation already. I hope there's another book coming out soon!
Jessica Steward
5 months have passed since we visited you in the UK for some training and we have been meticulously following your advice since. My poodle, Diva, is a big fan of the game “find the contact with back feet”I have also read your book and think it is the best I have ever read and the one with the most respect for dogs. Philippe calls it my “new bible”.Diva has been running in grade 3 since the 1st April. We are adapting to new difficulties but we are confident and don’t make a lot of mistakes and Diva doesn’t slow now, even on the most difficult courses. In March she was selected for the EO; out of 55 dogs entered only 2 went clear. And this weekend she won the Belgian Cup and was selected for the Belgian Championship. Her consistent contacts are naturally one of the most important reasons for this success. Thankyou again for helping us to solve this problem.
I got Knowledge Equals Speed for my birthday. It’s so detailed! It’s the best piece of literature I’ve read on agility and is far more in depth and advanced than the stuff I’ve had so far.
Ben Hobbs
Thank you for writing such an inspiring and well laid out book - especially because it is aimed at different sizes of dogs and not just those with collie drive! It has been a really useful training manual and one I keep going back to time and time again with my two poodles. It has also been very inspiring to watch you run your dogs at various competitions and watch the difference in handling for each dog.
Gemma Sheen
I bought your book a few weeks ago and it has been a revelation. I started agility 18 months ago with my staff-whippet cross, Rufus, who is a lovely, attentive and well-mannered dog whom I adore. Over the course of time, from being a very fast and 'sharp' dog (he came third in the jumping at his second show) he has got slower and slower and less and less motivated. We have had al sorts of massage treatments that have helped a bit, but he has really lost his zing. Since reading your book, I've realised that this 'zing' is only absent in the ring or at training - when he is out playing in the woods with me, jumping fallen tree trunks, hopping up on benches, swimming and running along walls, he is his old self! I'm afraid I am guilty of being a 'clear round' handler and since reading your book I feel very guilty at all the times I have shouted 'no!' when Rufus has gone the wrong way on a course. Hopefully we will start to recover together using the suggestions in your book. It is a fantastic help and I recommend it to everyone I meet. Thanks again. I've been watching you on YouTube and your handling is magical!
Deborah Yuill
I have now read your book cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I had read it before I started my training, then I might not have made so many mistakes. I now train with Lee Windeatt who told me to get the book when I was watching you at Tuffley show, he has the patience of a saint with my handling so hopefully all the walking around the lounge copying your sequences will help ease his pain. The Perspex is marvellous, my dog stayed in the channel end to end with a really good wiggle. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading experience - I have never read a book so fast!
Lynne Ellis
Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your book. It has really made me think about how I run my two spaniels and my Red and White Setter. I am now looking forward to the competition season with a new and brighter mindset. Running a setter needs a sense of humour and your book is making me think about how to get the most out of our super hobby. Thank you.
Elaine Kent
Received today and can’t put it down. Hope it will improve my handling andlead to a greater understanding of my dogs. I run 3 collies + 1beardie/border, the "mad beardie" who is very fast but not good on contacts which means he has to slow down!! Not in his nature but he'll be 10 in March so every run is a bonus and whether he wins or not he loves it.
Nina Smith
Just started reading your book and already having a big problem with it - can't keep my eyes open to read it for as long as I want to!!! Thoroughly enjoying it so far and it makes brilliant sense. I wish I had my first agility dog (she's now 7 and G6) before reading this book then I wouldn't haven't made the mistakes I have with her but I've now got 2 collies and 2 vizslas and certainly will not make the same mistakes with them. Love my agility but most of all love the fun that the dogs have with it. Thanks for the book.
Fiona Morrison, Toni, Ruby, Riva and Fly
Just wanted to let you know, that your book Knowledge Equals Speed! is by far the best book I have ever read about agility. Thanks a lot!
Inge de Heer, The Netherlands
After reading a few chapters I watched some video of me and my XB at the UKA beginners steeplechase final, we got eliminated as I didn't pull her off the tunnel and now I know exactly why! Firstly I didn't tell her in enough time, secondly my body was pointing the wrong direction and for some reason (probably nerves) I 'encouraged' (nagged) her around the whole course for the whole time so she probably was sick to death of hearing me!!!! It is funny how you don't realise it at the time but after reading a few chapters of your book it was sooooo obvious!
Louise McCulloch
I have just finished your book and wanted to congratulate you on a job well done! The best book/dvd I have so far. Love the way you treat your dogs like friends/companions, not like machines and you mention at the end about choosing a trainer... fantastic advice. I only wish I’d had this book a year ago. It would have saved me much heartache. Thanks again!
Rachel Wilson
I have to teach a class at my club and used your pre-curve techniques in my last lesson. I have to say that you clearly make lots of sense because I had lots of lovely comments on a great lesson and I promised to read the next chapter before the next lesson. I was astonished at how positive people were and that is with me as a 3rd party following through on your rationale so many thanks.
Fiona Tinwell
There is more in one Chapter of this book than you will get on a dozen training days… I loved the mixture of advice, short training sequences, full course analysis - even if I remember Dawn beating me (just) with superior handling on one particular course she illustrates. Thanks for confirming that non-impact training of the sea-saw with a young puppy is the way to go , at least I was right about something. A top handler who sees a place for blind turns, eureka! Many broken bodies would have been better off. The saddest sight in agility is watching once good handlers crossing behind and hobbling up the dog walk. There is something for all of us to learn at whatever level we compete - Grade 1 to Champ.
Paul Oldfield
We are busy reading your book. We love it. It is very clearly written and beautifully marked.
Rick Molenkamp,Favoriet Agility Equipment, Netherlands
Having now read more of the book, I have started putting some of the tips into practice, and Lola is definitely more motivated and the book really makes you think more about how much your handling affects the dog.
Helen (and Lola) Swan
Just thought I would let you know that I bought your book for a friend for Christmas. It arrived yesterday and I couldn't resist a sneak look. Today I'm quarter way through and my friend's not getting it!! Unfortunately I have identified myself and my dogs in the section called the 'easy-to-please' handler. So I've told all the dogs, no more free kisses, cuddles, toy box or meat scraps in this house!! Starting soon! Really enjoying the book so far.
Janet Thompson
Love the book and so good to have one that puts the dog’s feelings first!
Helen Perryman
I read the first chapter, thought about a few things and agreed with everything you were saying. It also answered a few questions regards stress and lazy handling. Then I read the Waits & Recall Starts chapter - the 3,2,1 Wait is brilliant! I am looking forward to reading more.
Ian Robinson, Agility Eye
Book arived today and can't put it down. Brilliant… illustrations excellent and very easy to follow and read. I've already recommended it to my agility friends. My new puppy is going to benefit from all your great tips. Many thanks.
Jenny Borriello
Awesome service! We can't get items across Australia as quickly as you have got this book to us… Thankyou! It looks to be a high quality, well set out and well produced book. We shall recommend you to everyone we know!
Linda J Wines
Thankyou, I received your book today. We have a 2½ year old grade 1 Papillon called Lola that I do agility with. From what I've read so far I think your book will be really helpful for me and Lola to get even more out of agility than we already do. I cant wait to keep on reading it!
Helen (and Lola) Swan

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