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New to FAB Shows?

Read Freeway's Top Tips

Freeway was the original and official FAB dog!

Dawn named FAB shows after her when
she had to retire due to a back injury.


FAB stands for 'Freeway's Agility Break'. 


Freeway was always ready to lend a paw to
anyone so here are her top tips:

FAB likes dogs to love agility. If your dog is more comfortable jumping at a lower height than he normally does at other shows, you can enter him at his preferred height and still run for competition. FAB has five jump heights: petite, small, medium, standard and large. Speak to Dawn (or someone in the Secretary's tent) if you need to change your dog's height on the day.

The four main classes at FAB shows are Agility, Jumping, Steeplechase and Grand Prix with three levels of progression: Newbie, Graduate and Senior. There are also IFCS classes which are open to everyone either to try and qualify for the team or just for the experience. Check the schedule to see which classes are available and what they consist of. Even if you're not sure, they're all good fun so you can't go wrong - have a go!

FAB shows are run by Dawn (helped by a small group of friends) so she really needs your help! FAB is a great place to learn the different jobs on the ring if you've never done them before - ask a ring manager if you're not sure. To sign up to help for an hour, go to one of the rings and put your name down on a slot for a particular job. If you need to leave to walk a course or run your dog, the ring manager will find someone to take over.

The golden rule is to have fun and enjoy every minute with your dog!

FAB Agility Freeway Tips
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