IFCS World Agility Championships - 2022 Team GB Qualifiers

Qualifiers for Team GB for the 2022 Championships will be held at FAB shows throughout the season, with points being awarded through the qualifiers. Courses will be challenging and of a European style. At the end of the season the top dog in each IFCS height will be awarded an automatic win on spot. Others will be selected from those who’ve competed throughout the season to attend a try out day.

  • Points will be awarded to a minimum of 20% of entries

  • Full Points will be awarded for clear runs, half points awarded for 5f runs.

  • A table is included below outlining the heights of the qualifiers.

  • For IFCS Mini and IFCS Medium dogs you may run at your dog’s IFCS or KC height but must stick to that for all qualifiers.

  • There will be separate points/league for dogs running at IFCS height and those running at the lower KC height. (Only applicable to IFCS Mini and Medium dogs)

  • Only those running IFCS height will be eligible for the win on spot. However, those running at the lower KC height will be able to gain points and be eligible to  be invited to the try out day but must run at IFCS height there.

  • Dogs measurements will need to be provided or a measure will need to take place.

Team GB IFCS Qualifiers – Height Classes:

The following table outlines the jump heights for the IFCS qualifiers. Dogs measuring at IFCS Mini and IFCS Medium may choose which height to jump as outlined here:

Thank you to the 2022 team sponsors:

Jump table.png

IFCS Height Classes:

Dogs will be required to jump the following heights if selected for the team try out day and when competing at the IFCS Championships:

height table.png

To download the official IFCS rules, please click here

For more information about Snooker and Gamblers, please click here

Links to IFCS official websites: www.dogsport.ru and www.ifcsdogsports.org

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