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FAB Show Results

Points to Note

A win in any class qualifies you for the FAB Finals of that class at the following Finals Event - 2019 Finals will take place at FAB Wllts Two 13-15 September 2019.


Two wins in a class type progresses you to the next level in that class, e.g. two wins in Newbie Jumping moves you up to Graduate Jumping etc.

Find your results by opening the appropriate results document below and searching for your surname or your dog's name.

Click on the Show name below to download the results.


2019 FAB Show Results will be accessible via Agility Plaza

Final IFCS Qualifer Points for the 2020 Team HERE

IFCS 2020 Team List HERE

2018 Shows

FAB Dorset Three, 15/16 September

FAB Finals 2018

FAB Surrey One, 4/5 August

FAB Dorset Two, 13 July

FAB Dorset One, 12/13 May


2017 Shows 

FAB Dorset Three, 16/17 September

FAB Surrey One, 5/6 August

FAB Dorset Two, 15 July

FAB Dorset One, 13/14 May

FAB Kent, 30 April/1 May

2016 Shows 

FAB Dorset Three, 17/18 September

FAB Surrey Two, 10/11 September

FAB Surrey One, 6/7 August

FAB Finals 2016

FAB Dorset Two, 16/17 July

FAB Gloucester, 18/19 June

FAB Dorset One, 14/15 May

FAB Kent, 30 April-2 May


2015 Shows

FAB Dorset Three, 19/20 September

FAB Surrey Two, 12/13 September

FAB Oxford + Finals, 29/30/31 August

FAB Surrey One, 8/9 August 2015

FAB Dorset Two, 18/19 July

FAB Gloucestershire, 20/21 June

FAB Dorset One, 16/17 May

FAB Kent, 2/3/4 May


2014 Shows

FAB Dorset Three, 20/21 September

FAB Surrey, 13/14 September

FAB Cornwall, 30/31 August

FAB Oxford, 23-25 August

FAB Dorset Two, 19/20 July

FAB Rutland, 28/29 June

FAB Glos, 21/22 June

FAB Dorset One, 17/18 May

FAB Kent, 3/4/5 May


2013 Shows

FAB Hants Two, 14/15 September

FAB Kent Two, 7/8 September

FAB Dorset, 24/25/26 August

FAB Oxfordshire + FAB Finals, 3/4 August

FAB Leicestershire Two, 29/30 June

FAB Gloucestershire Two, 22/23 June

FAB Gloucestershire One, 24/25/26 May

FAB Hampshire One, 18/19 May

FAB Kent One, 4/5/6 May

FAB Leicestershire One, 27/28 April


2012 Shows

FAB Leicestershire 28/29 April

FAB Berkshire 19/20 May

FAB Cheshire 23/24 June


2011 Shows

FAB Cornwall 27 November

FAB Wiltshire 11 December

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