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World Agility Championships - Final Team Announced

28 Feb 2023

We're pleased to be able to announce the team of handlers and dogs who'll be representing Team GB at this year's World Championships.

We are pleased to be able to announce the members of Team GB for the IFCS World Agility Championships 2023 to be held at Oakridge, Newark, UK 2nd – 6th August:

Team Management

Team Manager: Dawn Weaver

Assistant Manager: Dave Russell

Team Assistant: Chris Reading


Amy Bennett and Neva

Dave Russell and Vudu

Helen Roberts and Popsie

Jeannette Jones and Happy


Babs Foster and Spry

Dawn Weaver and Vegas

Mariann-Elvie Bayliss and Betty

Nicole Shaw and Bounce

Sid Gates and Dex

Stacey Irwin-Burns and Rapid


Ande Smith and Jonty

Andy Sandercock and Sail

Casey Bond and Boo

Dan Millwood and Time

Dawn Weaver and Yahtzee

Karen Young and Concerto

Lindsey Spring and Bam

Mark Den Dunnen and Skadi

Nichola Aitchison and Bud

Nicky Holden and Uber

Rebecca Foster and Bindy


Ceri Jones and Tuvyr

David Mining and Echo

Edit Ratkai and Monkey

Fiona Gavin and Keeper

Helen Davey-Smith and Zeb

Ivan Smith and Thor

Lucie Hinchley and Tali

Sarah Williams and Edward

Stuart Doughty and Riggs


Jo Burt and Flick

Nick Gill and Delta

Angela Williams and Scuba

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who took part in the selection process and congratulations to those who have progressed into Team GB.

As the championships are taking place in the UK if anyone would like spectator tickets, they will be available soon.

If any one would like to volunteer to help at the event, please email

A huge thank you to our 2023 Team Sponsors:

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