IFCS 2013 to 2018

April 2018, Italy

Maxi: Ceri Jones & Taezyr; Sue Mosedale & Skinny When Wet; Nicole Shaw & Digit;
Vanessa Mortarino Lloyd & Taboo; Angela Williams & Spy; Mike Bendell & Spy;
Iain Patz & Leo

Midi: Iain Patz & Imp; Angela Williams & Tic-It; Mary Shaw & Zest; Gill James & Leah;
Alistair McGregor & Erin; Nicky Holden & Tri

Midi: Dawn Weaver & Vegas; Helen Swan & Cloud; Amber Edwards & Cooper

Toy: Tamsin Harris Bryant & Taffy; Stacey Irwin Burns & Sam; Sally Hunt & Harley;
Jeannette Jones & Mushu


Iain Patz & Leo – Biathlon Jumping 1st

Dawn Weaver & Vegas - Gamblers Bronze

Dawn Weaver & Vegas – Individual All Round Silver

Nicky Holden & Tri – Individual Biathlon Silver


April 2017, Spain

Maxi: Ceri Jones & Taezyr; Sue Mosedale & Widget; Jen Lewis & Spud;

Vanessa Mortarino Lloyd & Taboo; Leah Gardner & Theory; Dave Alderson & Goose

Midi: Milie Roberts & Candyman; Paul Runyeard & Tizzy

Mini: Dawn Weaver & Vegas; Helen Swan & Cloud; Ben Alderson

Toy: Tamsin Harris Bryant & Taffy; Nicole Shaw & Whizzer; Stacey Irwin Burns & Sam;

Leah Gardner & Boo; Sarah Mclean & Kita; Sarah Prentice & Lily


Stacey Irwin-Burns & Sam: Snooker Gold

Stacey Irwin-Burns & Sam: Individual Jumping Gold

Dawn Weaver & Vegas: Individual Jumping Gold

Vanessa Mortarino-Lloyd & Taboo: Individual Jumping Silver

Dawn Weaver & Vegas: Gamblers Gold

Great Britain – Team Triathlon Bronze (Small division)


April 2016, The Netherlands


Maxi: Angela Williams & Tiff; Becky Salisbury & Gadget; Michelle Drawwater & Kym;

Tracy Runyeard & Rumba; Jen Lewis & Spud; Janet Thompson & Wish;

Vanessa Morarino Lloyd & Taboo
Midi: Angela Williams & Wild Ting; Kim Kraushar & Bubtee; Paul/Tracy Runyeard & Tizzy;

Lauren Langman & Tiki
Mini: Sam Davies & Panda; Lian Knight & Sonic; Dawn Weaver & Vegas
Toy: Dave Russell & Kyto; Tracy Ryan & Tink; Sarah Mclean & Kita; Lauren Langman & Blink;

Sarah Prentice & Lily; Jeanette Jones & Mika


​Lauren Langman & Tiki: Individual Agility Silver

Sarah Mclean & Kita: Biathalon Bronze

Kyto with Dave: Highest placed overall for Great Britain

April 2015, Italy


Maxi: Abigail Doxford & Oggie; Lauren Langman & Reef; Dawn Weaver & Galaxy;

Pat Brown & Diva;  Janet Thompson & Wish; Tracy Runyeard & Rumba

Midi: Kim Kraushar & Bubtee; Dawn Weaver & Breezer; Lauren Langman & Tiki;

Tracy Runyeard & Tizzy; Bonny Quick & Ivy

Mini: Lian Knight & Sonic; Sam Davies & Panda; Katie Wallbank & Bumble Bear;

Sam Towe & Penelope Pitstop; Abigail Doxford & Cassie

Toy: Lian Knight & Sizzle; Tracy Ryan & Tink; Sarah Prentice & Lily



Gold: Jen Lewis & Spud in Agility (Large)
Bronze: Jen Lewis & Spud in Jumping (Large)
Bronze: Bonny Quick & Ivy in Snooker (Midi)
Bronze: Tracy Ryan & Tink in the Biathalon (Toy)
Bronze: Lian Knight & Sizzle in Gamblers (Toy)

​Other placings included:

4th Tracy Ryan & Tink in Jumping (Toy)
5th Sarah Prentice & Lily in Jumping (Toy)  
4th Abigail Doxford & Wiggy in Jumping (Mini)
1st Lauren Langman & Tiki in Jumping Biathalon (Midi)
5th Jen Lewis & Spud in Snooker (Large)
4th Sarah Prentice & Lily in Jumping (Toy)
5th Dawn Weaver & Breezer in Agility (Midi)
4th Great Britain Team 2 (Sam Towe with Penny, Lian Knight with Sonic & Bonny Quick with Ivy)
5th Sarah Prentice & Lily in All Around (Toy)
4th Jen Lewis & Spud in All Around (Large

May 2014, The Netherlands


Maxi: Abigail Doxford & Oggy; Angela Williams & Tif; Pat Brown & Diva; Dawn Weaver & Lotus

Midi: Kim Kraushar & Bubtee; Tracy Runyeard & Tizzy; Dawn Weaver & Breezer

Mini: Rhoda Burdett & Brodie; Lian Knight & Sonic; Mark Douglas & Blossom; Abigail Doxford & Wiggy

Toy: Matthew Burdett & Bracken; Tracy Ryan & Tink; Kaylee Rowsell & Tommy; Lian Knight & Sizzle


​Team GB 2014 came home with 5 Medals:

Gold: Team Relay (Anglea Williams, Pat Brown, Matthew Burdett)

Bronze: Team Relay (Tracy Ryan, Abigail Doxford, Lian Knight).

Abigail Doxford also won a Gold;

Dawn Weaver won Bronze (Gamblers)

Tracy Runyeard won Bronze (All Round Event).

Click HERE to watch the Gold Medal Team runs

Click HERE to watch the Bronze Medal Team runs

April 2013, Spain

Maxi: Lee Gibson & Scott; Bonny Quick & Hayly; Mary Shaw & Reef

Mid: Dawn Weaver & Breezer; Bonny Quick & Ivy

Toy: Dave Russell & Caeyn; Lian Knight & Sizzle; Colette Kay



All round Bronze: Dawn Weaver & Breezer

Individual Jumping Silver: Bonny Quick & Hayly

Snooker Bronze: Dave Russell & Caeyn

Individual Agility Bronze: Bonny Quick & Hayly

Breezer 3rd.jpg