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FAB Rescues

Some of the charities FAB has supported in the past include the Soi Dog Foundation (who work to improve the welface of dogs & cats in Asia, such as Street Dogs in Thailand), charities working against the dog meat trade and charities working to save dogs in terrible conditions in kennels in Romania.

As well as sending over the money raised to help improve the conditions of dogs living in other countries, FAB has also used the profits to bring dogs over from Romania to the UK. To date, Dawn has rescued three dogs from death's door in kennels in Romania and all three now are happily enjoying their lives in their forever homes in the UK. None of this would be possible without the amazing FAB Show attendees who have kindly donated to our raffles so we really are truly grateful.

FAB Rescue Flo


Flo was the first rescue to be brought over from a public shelter in Romania. She had multiple problems and was very weak. With FAB's sponsorship, her vet fees and safe travel to the UK were able to be funded. She was fostered by Lucy Osborne before moving to her permanent home with Isobel. Thank you to everyone who helped to bring her over - you are all part of Flo's happy ending.       

FAB Rescue Crackerjack

Crackerjack was rescued from Romaina in 2015. He lived with his foster for several months before she decided that she would also like to be Crackerjack's permanent mum. His confidence has hugely improved since he has been in the UK and his separation anxiety issues continue to improve. 

FAB Rescue Treasure

Treasure came over to the UK with Crackerjack. She is a loving, gentle girl who lives up to her name! After living with her foster for a while, it was clear that Treasure would make a brilliant pet for anyone willing to love her. She found her forever home with Mo in Dorset where she loves going for walks and having cuddles.  

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